Teen Vanishes After Saving Girl. 65 Years Later, She Notices Next-Door Neighbor She’s Never Seen

It’s stories like this that can really make someone change their beliefs and make them believe in faith!
It all started more than six decades ago. Back then, Kip Malone was only a teenager living with his parents. The young man was walking to the store one day when he came across a shocking sight, one of the houses in the neighborhood was on fire! Kip started running towards that home to see if anyone was in danger and in urgent need of help.
Then is when he heard a scream coming from someone in the house. “Save the children!” the voice begged. So Kip overcame his fears and heroically stepped into the burning house putting his own life at risk.
Cutting through the thick smoke and flames, the man finally managed to reach the five-year-old girl and her younger sister who were both trapped inside. It was an experienced that marked all their lives forever.
But as life went on, Kip moved to a different city and the two little girls grew up without knowing anything about who saved their lives that day. They didn’t even know if he survived the fire. But faith made it possible for them to find themselves once again. Take a look:


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