Teen Films Dad Singing in The Car, But Millions Are Stunned by What She Captures

There’s no better way to start off the new year than by showcasing the world just how talented your family is. At least that is what the teenager in the video below thought when she decided to take a video of her dad singing in the car. Nothing strange so far. I mean, there must be millions of videos online of dads showing off their singing voices in the car.
But the man’s incredible voice is anything but ordinary.
Kris Jones has always had a passion for music, but never thought to become a professional singer, at least not seriously. Well, his plans might change a tad now that the video her daughter took is going viral.
Dad’s musical choice is also pretty unexpected. The man sang a rendition of George Jones “Tennessee Whiskey” which recently started getting attention again through the performance of country crooner Chris Stapleton.
Dad’s amazing voice definitely didn’t go unnoticed and people are already saying they are looking forward to seeing him on popular TV shows like Ellen. Well, it would sure be nice to see more of him – and listen to that gorgeous voice of him more.


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