Talented magician completely fools Penn & Teller with his trick. It’s absolutely mind-blowing

Tell me, do you believe in magic? Well, if you don’t, you might actually start once you watch this video. Shin Lim is one of the most talented magicians/illusionists in the world and can make even the most avid non-believers second guess their beliefs.
The man was recently featured in an episode of the show “Fool Us” as a contender and left everybody with their mouths opened. The man’s act is so brilliant and well put together that you may think he’s done this his entire life.
But the unexpected truth is that Shin Lim was actually a concert pianist before he started to get serious about pursuing a career as a magician. But this has been a great passion of his for as long as he can remember. And judging by the incredible act in the video below, it’s a good thing that he decided to finally share his talent with the public.
This is something you need to see to believe, so make sure to pay attention to this video and watch it until the very end to not miss out on anything. And if this doesn’t make you believe in magic, then nothing will.

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