He swam up to what he thought was a dead whale, what happened next was amazing

Most people can appreciate the beauty and greatness of a Great Whale. They are among the most impressive creatures on Earth, and for many people, seeing them up-close would be a dream come true.
Michael Fishback, the co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy, does more than just express appreciation for these amazing creatures. He fights for their rights and puts a lot of time and effort into making sure more is done to protect them from things that put them in danger such as fishing nets and illegal fishing.
The man spend two months each winter on the Sea of Cortez to photograph whales and help track them across our ocean while also observing their behavior in the wild. The man was on one of these trips when he experienced a once-in-a lifetime moment.
He came across a humpback whale that appeared to be dead. The man flouted as close to the whale as possible for several minutes hoping to find any signs of life. He had giving up all hope that the whale was alive when something incredible happened. The whole thing was caught on video, so make sure to watch this clip until the end to find out what happened.

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