Susan Boyle Joins Choir to Sing a Christmas Favorite, Rendition Leaves Crowd in Chills

In just a few months, Susan Boyle went from a talented somebody to an international artist with millions of fans from across the world. As you probably remember, it all started with a magical Britain’s Got Talent audition that left the judges and the world in complete awe.
That was the moment that skyrocketed her career, and we couldn’t be happier that Susan’s talent finally got the recognition it deserves. And Susan has been dazzling everyone with her voice ever since.
Every time she steps on stage to perform, everyone stops to listen to her incredible voice that almost sounds too good to be true. And this makes no exception. In the clip, you can listen to Susan perform a rendition of the Christmas classic, “Away in a Manger.” The song was included in her second album, “The Gift,” and it’s one that you will instantly want to add to your Christmas playlist this year.
Susan Boyle is one of those artists who never disappoint. Her performances are flawless, all the time, and Susan once said that this is her way of showing her audience how much she loves and respects them.
This is a performance you don’t want to miss!

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