Stray dog crawls up a driveway after being hit by a car. What happens next is absolutely INCREDIBLE

A dog that spends its life on the street and doesn’t have a stable home is always in danger. Leaving aside the fact that these dogs have to constantly fight to get food and find a place to protect themselves from the cold, there’s always the risk of them getting hit by a car.
Life is a constant struggle for these dogs, and unfortunately, more often than not, they never get their happy ending. The dog in the video below was almost one of them. The dog was hit by a car, and suffered serious injuries that almost put an end to her life. But she didn’t give up on her life. With her last strengths, the dog crawled up to somebody’s driveway.
The owner of the home called the authorities and the dog was immediately taken to a rescue center where she received medical attention and began her recovery. The recovery period wasn’t easy, but the dog was determined to fight for her life. She made incredible progress in a short amount of time, and has all chances to live a normal, happy life from now on.
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