Stray cat refuses food unless it’s in a bag she can carry – they soon understand why

Felines have many amazing qualities: they are smart, athletic and have great reflexes. But one amazing thing about them that not many talk about is the fact that cats also have incredible maternal instincts. Felines would go to extreme lengths to provide for their babies and protect them.

In fact, a cat would actually repress her desire to hunt in order to focus on rearing her babies. Simply put, cats make for amazing moms, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below. In it, a stray momma cat named Dongsuk can be seen taking food she had received from a compassionate woman in the neighborhood where she looks for shelter to her babies. You see, although food was limited and mom also felt hungry, she decided to take all of her food to her hungry babies who were waiting for her near the basement where she had given birth.

Luckily, the woman who had been feeding the cat on the street followed her to this place and were able to rescue all five kittens as well as their mom and take them to a safe place where they won’t have to worry about food anymore. Take a look:

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