Strawberries spoil quickly. Expert farmer shares brilliant tips to keep your strawberries fresh

For me, one of the best things about summer is that you can find inexpensive strawberries pretty much at every local market and store. And I know I am not the only one who gets this excited about strawberries. But if you like strawberries as much as I do, then you know how fast they go bad.
And there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning ready to enjoy some fresh strawberries only to see they spoiled before you had a chance to eat them all. This is such a waste, but luckily, there are a few awesome and efficient tips you can use to keep your strawberries fresher for longer.
For instance, did you know that it’s best not to wash your strawberries until right before you are ready to eat them? That’s because strawberries have a natural layer that protects them from going bad, a layer that most people wash away as soon as they get home from the supermarket.
By watching the video below, you will learn how to keep strawberries fresh using an inexpensive ingredient that you already probably have around the house: white vinegar. This is definitely something you’ll wish you knew sooner!

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