Stranger sees a cop with two children at Walmart, but wait until you see what’s in their hands…

Summer is a season all kids look forward to. School’s out, there’s no one bugging you to do your homework each day, and you get to spend more time with your friends just having fun and making good memories. The last thing you want is for something unexpected to ruin your entire summer.
It almost happen to the kids in the video below, but help came from a surprising place. The two kids who experienced it say it’s something they will never forget.
The two kids were out riding their bikes. They stopped at a local market and chatted for a couple of minutes away from their bikes. When they got back, they noticed the locks on their bikes were cut off and the bikes were gone. They were heartbroken.
That’s when one of the kids noticed a familiar face, a local police officer who was out on patrol. Without getting her hopes up, the young girl told the police officer what was going on.
What happened next was captured on video by a stranger, and it’s making headlines across the country. This is a story you’ll want to hear and share.
We need more stories like these going viral.

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