Stop buying Swifter pads at the store. Here’s how to make your own at home

There’s no denying that Swifter pads can be of great use when it comes to cleaning your house. They can be found at pretty much any large supermarket, but why spend money and buy them from the store when you can make them at home and get basically the same results?
For this project, you’ll need a kitchen cotton yarn, an “H” hook and some free time. There are several instructions you need to follow to get the best results, but it will all be worth in the end. What’s more, all the directions are clearly explained in the video below to make learning as easy and as fast as possible.
If you like to crochet, then this easy-to-follow tutorial will be right up your alley. But you don’t have to have crazy crochet skills to be able to learn how to make this Crochet Swiffer Sweeper Cover. Even a beginner can learn to make this at home, so give it a try and don’t forget to share this cool idea with others.
It will save you a lot of money of refills and it will also help you learn some new skills that you can use for future projects.

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