She Stands Before Judge About Parking Ticket. He Reads Case & Can’t Fight Back His Laughter

Generally speaking, there is not much laughter going on in a courtroom. But there are some exceptions to this rule, and what’s going on in the video below can surely be described as an exception.
The clip shows a motorist from Providence, Rhode Island, appearing in court because of a parking ticket she had received, with judge Frank Caprio being the one in charge of the case.
During his extensive career as a judge, Caprio had seem some weird cases, but this one was so peculiar that it actually made him crack up in court.
And this is not something that happens often.
What was the reason the case made him smile? Well, it was the absurdity of it all. You see, the woman had received the ticket for parking her car in an area where parking was not allowed until 10:00 AM.
And here comes the crazy part: the woman had parked her car at 9:59 AM, so she basically broke the law by a few seconds. In fact, the clock on her car showed her it was 10:00 AM.
So what did the judge decide in her case? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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