After her son died in the war, she adopted his military dog in this touching ceremony [Video]

There’s nothing worse for a parent than losing his/her child. Kathy Rusk unfortunately knows all about what it feels to lose a child. Her son, Marine Private First Class Colton W. Rusk lost his life protecting the basic principles his country was founded on. The soldier was killed in combat in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
After losing her son, Kathy feared that she will never be able to recover from the loss. Nothing could comfort her and she would cling to every little thing that reminded her of her beloved son.
Comfort came from an unlikely place. The woman was able to adopt her son’s dog that was his partner in Afghanistan, a beautiful Lab named Eli.
Rusk and Eli used to be partners in Afghanistan where they worked together detecting explosives. The video below shows the touching moment Kathy finally adopts her son’s dog. During the ceremony, Kathy said that she is confident that his son had passed his love to Eli and that is one of the reasons he is such a loving dog now.
One thing is for sure: Eli will be treated like a member of the family and receive all the love and attention it deserves.

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