Soldiers line up in formation, suddenly break out singing in perfect harmony

Soldiers don’t really seem like the kind of people who would enjoy dancing and singing in perfect harmony. But the video below proves that just because soldiers have to be tough and brave at their job doesn’t mean they don’t like to have a good time and showcase their other talents from time to time.
The soldiers you see in the clip are a part of a group called the 82nd Airborne Chorus, and they are all incredibly talented. These soldiers put in a lot of passion and commitment into everything they do, and their music is no exception.
The clip shows them singing a one-of-a-kind rendition of a famous song, and their voices blend in perfect harmony. If you would to just listen to their voices without seeing the images, you would think it’s a recording of a song sang by professional singers.
Their beautiful voices are emphasized by the groups’ choreographed moves which really makes the entire act come together! I knew soldiers like to give it their all regardless of the situation they are in, but I have to say this really took me by surprise.
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