Soldier waits in airport 2 days trying to get home and a stranger makes a call to help him

A man’s incredible selfless gesture is going viral, and it is all for the right reasons!
Josh Rainey of Glendale, Mo, bought a plane ticket for Keaton Tilson, a soldier headed home on Memorial Day. The soldier had been waiting in the Dallas Airport for two long days after an airport debacle. The man was looking forwards towards being reunited with his family on such an important day, so the last thing he wanted was to be stuck in an airport.
Still, there was nothing he could do to get a standby ticket that will allow him to finally get home and see his family members whom he hadn’t seen in months.
The soldier was willing to take any seat he would get, but had no luck. When he was just about to give up hope, his luck changed and help came from where he least expected. A stranger who knew nothing about him offered to help him.
After the airline informed that he couldn’t just give the soldier his ticket, the kind stranger decided to just buy him a ticket – no matter the cost. Shortly after, the soldier was in a plane heading home!

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