He sold his dream car to marry her mom but wait for him to turn around and see THIS

Being in love means no sacrifice is too great if it’s what you have to do to be with the one you really love. Sharing your life with another person – I mean truly sharing your life and being committed to someone – sometimes involves having to make certain compromises.
For Dave it meant selling his prized dream car, a 1973 Porsche 914, a car that he bought as a young man. Dave saved his hard-earned money to restore the car, but found himself needing the money to be able to marry the woman she wanted (and still wants) to spend the rest of his life him. Being with his dream woman meant more to him than holding on to his dream car.
Selling his care was a decision that he never regret making. He knew it was the right decision, and he is grateful for every single moment he spent with his wife. Still, in his heart, he’s always missed his beloved car.
His kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed.
His adopted son spent two years figuring out how to get the man an identical car, and he finally found one. The look on his face when he receives the car is just too good for words.

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