Singer Adopts Troubled Sister’s Infant, Keels Over Sobbing When Judge Opens Mouth To Speak

Growing up in Campton, California, Marcio Donaldson witnessed things that no child should witness. He was constantly exposed to substance abuse, shootings and gang related activity. As a young boy, he lived with his sister in an apartment that was infested with roaches, but always envisioned a better future for himself. Still, him and her sister ended in the social system after their mom no longer could provide for them.
Time passed, and Marcio and his sister ended up taking two very separate paths in life. Marcio took refuge in his music because it was what gave him hope for breaking the circle and making something of his life. His sister, however, ended up taking the same path as their mom and became pregnant at a really young age.
Now, Marcio is the one taking care of her baby after he became the legal father of his nephew. With the baby boy in his arms, Marcio tried his luck in front of the judges at American Idol. Watch his audition and how the judges reacted to Marcio’s incredible life story by hitting the play button.
After having heard his story and his amazing voice, we’re definitely cheering for Marcio in the competition. How about you?

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