Simon Raises His Hand to Stop, Says He Has the Same “Feeling” As The Entire Audience

As kids, many of us have dreamt about becoming famous and having fans from all over the world. But for the young man in the video below, it was more than just a secret dream. As a young boy in South Shields, England, Joseph McElderry felt like his purpose in life was to become a singer and share his talent with the rest of the world.
But he was always afraid that people won’t appreciate his talent in the way he had hoped to. Still, his passion was greater than his fear, and Joseph managed to muster up the courage to sign up to audition for one of the greatest talent shows in the world, X Factor.
And, as you’ll see from the video below, it was the right call. His performances left both the audience and the members of the jury open-mouthed. Joseph did a touching rendition of Luther Vandross’ hit song “Dance with My Father,” and it will most likely put tears to your eyes.
His voice is so powerful yet so refined that it’s no surprise that Joseph managed to secure his place in the competition right away. This video is a few years old, but good music is timeless. Check it out:

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