Simon Forces Young Girl To Remove Makeup. Debuts New Look That Leaves Judges Without Words

Performing in front of a large audience as well as some of the most famous judges in the music industry would make any artist feel intimidated – even those who have experience.
So it’s no surprise that artists who audition for talent shows like X Factor want to look their best and make a great first impression when stepping on stage for the first time. That is exactly what the young woman in the video below had in mind when she decided to wear leather from head to toe for her audition.
She put on a pile on make-up and styled her hair in a way that she thought would impress the judges. Keep in mind, though, that she is only 17-year-old, so her idea of sexuality and beauty is highly influenced by what we all see being promoted in the media and online.
But Simon Cowell, the most feared member of the judges, saw right through her. He knew that the girl’s attempt to come across as a femme fatale was only a mask. So he asked her to remove her make-up and showcase her true beauty.
What happened next will blow you away.

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