Siblings Face Off On Ice. Within Seconds Pull Off Unusual ‘Dance’ Making Everyone’s Eyes Pop

They say that talent runs in the family, and it definitely seems to apply to the incredibly talented siblings in the video below. Despite their young age, Olympic-class ice skaters John and Sinead Kerr are known for their amazing skills on ice, as well as for their willingness to go outside their comfort zones with their routines.
They are not afraid to take chances and try moves on ice that many ice skaters would never dare to tackle. Maybe it’s because they constantly encourage one another to push their limits and always strive for excellence.
Having a sibling in the competition with you is a comforting source of support and it gives you confidence that together you can achieve greatness. But don’t think these talented young skaters have it easy.
They still have to work incredibly hard to be the best they can be, and that means hours and hours spent rehearsing and perfecting their skills. However, once you take a look at what they can do, you will see that the results match the effort.
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