She’s Waiting for Daddy’s Birthday Present. When It Arrives, Her Reaction Lights Up the Internet

Kids always seem to get really excited about pretty much everything, right? It’s one of the bazillion reason they are so darn adorable. And the best part is that sometimes not even they know why they are getting so pumped up.
Such is the case of this cute little girl in the video below named Madeline. The girl has always had a fascination for trains for which her mom has no explanation for. She just loved being around trains, looking at them pull into the station and listen to all the sounds they make.
So when the little girl turned three, mom and dad decided to take her on her first train ride. Instead of buying her a toy or a game, her parents bought tickets, and judging by Madeline’s incredible reaction captured in the clip, it was for sure the right call.
Madeline’s entire face lit up as soon as she saw the train pulling into the station, but her excitement level peaked once she was actually inside the train!
I’ve never seen anybody get so excited about taking a ride in the train, have you? Definitely one of the cutest clips I’ve seen today!

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