She’s moving and puts her dog on Craigslist. Animal lovers will be shocked by what her ad says!

It’s sad to think about it, but it’s the truth. Many people get a pet without understanding the commitment it takes. A dog or cat is not something you get because you feel lonely, because what happens when the loneliness fades and plans change?
Getting a pet should mean being willing to include them in all of your plans for the future. But unfortunately things aren’t always as they should be.
And believe it or not, many people feel like they don’t have another choice than to abandon their pets when life suddenly takes them in a different direction (or location).
For some owners, it’s a difficult decision, but for others, it’s just an impediment. One owner posted a shocking ad on Craigslist saying that if no one would adopt the dog by the end of the day, she will shoot the poor dog to get rid of him. The ad said she no longer has any use for the dog.
Fortunately, a kindhearted woman read the outrageous ad and rushed to save the poor pooch. The young woman who is also a veterinary student managed to get there in time before the owner did something to hurt him.

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