Shelter Takes Dogs Out For ‘Puppuccinos’ To Help Them Get Adopted

According to statistics provided by the ASPCA, approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters located across the country each year. These shelters are meant to help dogs receive a second chance and find a forever home and a loving family. In a nutshell, their purpose is to help dogs and make their lives better
But don’t think life in a shelter is fun. Dogs have to live in cages, the shelters are oftentimes crowded, and there’s simply not enough staff to give all the care and attention a dog requires. This is why animal shelters do their best to make sure dogs get adopted as fast as possible so that they don’t have to spend a lot of time in the shelter.
Unfortunately, dogs can spend a lot of time until they finally get adopted. Moreover, for some dogs, that day never comes. That’s especially true for older dogs, since most people who are willing to adopt want to get a puppy.
The Kitsap Humane Society, an animal shelter in Washington, is thinking out of the box to help increase the chances of adoption for the dogs in their care. They’ve launched a program called Puppuccino Pals back in April, and the results are pretty great!
Once a week, someone at the shelter takes ones of the dogs from the shelter to a neighborhood Starbucks for a yummy Puppuccino, a tasty drink that is loaded with whipped cream, and takes pictures of the dog enjoying the treat. As you can imagine, the pictures are usually hilarious and adorable!
Just look at these adorable faces! Don’t these pictures make you want to adopt right away?






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