Seniors dance ‘The Shag’, paralyze the audience with their incredible flair and skills

How do you picture the 60-year-old version of yourself? Well, everybody has their own plans when it comes to retirement years. Some hope to move to the country side and escape the chaos of the city, play with their grandchildren and make jam.
Others hope to travel and do more of the things they didn’t have time to do when they were younger. Well, there’s no way of knowing what the future has in store, but I for one hope to be at least half as cool as the couple in the video below when I’m sixty.
Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble are an incredible husband and wife couple who have always had a common passion for dancing. They are known all throughout the state of North Carolina, and wherever they go, they are sure to be the heart of the party.
That’s thanks to their amazing dancing skills that they’ve continuously improved throughout their lives. Dancing has also instilled them a certain mentality that is simply inspiring.
Looking at them dancing in the video below kind of makes getting old not seem like such a scary thing, right? Guess it’s true; you are as old as you feel.

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