Scientists confirm we should only work 4 days a week

Do Mondays bring you down and you usually look forward towards the weekend all week long? Well, that makes you and pretty much every single other working human on the face of the Earth. Many people look forwards towards the weekend, but they always seem to go by so fast, right?
Wouldn’t be nice if we could somehow even up the balance by making the weekend longer by one day? As it turns out, the 4-day-work- week could not only make life more enjoyable by offering people more time to spend time with loved ones and relax, but it could also be the key to increased productivity.
Yep, you read that read. Working less can actually increase productivity. The focus here is not on how many hours you work per day but how efficient you are. Not surprisingly, feeling tired and stressed actually diminishes people’s ability to do their job well. So although you might be there in your office working, you’re not really getting much done.
In the long run, this can drastically impact our job performance for the worse. So the secret to improving employee performance is not to make them work harder but to make sure they are happy so they can work smarter and give it 100%.

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