School’s Closed for Snow Day, Camera Records Principal’s Funny Behavior While Everyone’s Gone

As a student, there’s nothing better than the school closing for a snow day, as many kids use this opportunity to go play in the snow with their friends and family members. Why not admit it, everyone enjoys a bonus day off from time to time. But did you ever wondered what the principal of a school does when there’s a snow day and everyone is gone?
The obvious assumption would be that principals simply stay home as well, but what’s going on in the video below proves that not all principals take the day off.
The principal in the clip decided to take advantage of the fact that the school corridors, which are usually crowded with students, are empty to record a hilarious video showing a different way school principals spend their snow day. Lexington, Kentucky, elementary school principal Gerry Brooks is a teacher-turned-administrator with a knack for comedy, and his antics will definitely make you laugh out loud.
So if you need something to tickle your funny bone just about now, this is the video for you. Also, we encourage you to spread the joy and share this with all of your friends and family online.

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