School suspends little girl for supporting a friend with cancer. Mom’s response? PERFECT!

Schools have a lot of rules, and for the most part, they make sense and all students should oblige with them because it’s ultimately in the best interest to do so. But then again, there are certain rules that should be broken.
Sometimes, an extraordinary act of kindness can and should trump what is just an ordinary rule at school. A 9-year-old girl was suspended from school for an act of compassion. That’s until people from all across the country found out the story behind the girl’s incredible gesture.
Kamryn Refro shaved her head as an act of solidarity to support her 11-year-old friend Delany Campbell who suffers from cancer. The girl wanted for her friend to feel more comfortable knowing she’s not the only one among her friends who doesn’t have any hair. However, the school’s principal found it unacceptable for one of their students to come to school with a shaved hair, so the girl was sent home.
Once the story went viral and the truth was revealed, the school’s board reviewed their decision. Find out how it all unfolded and what the result of the story going public was by checking out the video below.

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