School principal is diagnosed with cancer, breaks down when she sees what students do for her

Getting diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer can be a huge shock, and people who go through this unfortunate situation could definitely use all the help they can get.
Sadness, worry or fear are common and natural emotions one can experience during the cancer journey. And dealing with these emotions on top of all the associated symptoms is no small feat.
This is why receiving emotional support from family, friends and other loved ones is essential.
The students of one of the classes in a Bethlehem high school in New Hampshire wanted to do something to help their principal who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. They decided that the best way to do that is offer their support both financially and emotionally.
The students were supposed to go on a traditional four-day school trip to Rydin’ Hi Ranch in New York, but they decided that the money would be better spent helping the principal pay off some of her expensive medical bills.
So instead of going on that trip, the students decided to donate the money and hopefully make their principal’s battle with cancer just a little less difficult. The woman’s reaction when getting the news is soul-stirring

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