Salt Drawings Reveal Their True Colors When Inverted

Salt is something most of us have in our pantries. It’s something we use every single day. The most common use for salt is, of course, cooking. But have you ever thought of using it to create art? Sounds peculiar, right?
Well, artists see the world differently and can create art using even the most unlikely supplies. While some artists paint with colors, Dino Tomic uses regular kitchen salt to express himself and create amazing works of art.
Dino is constantly testing out new ways to express himself and expand his artistic horizon. He is determined not to allow himself get stuck into the same routine, so he is always looking for new mediums to express his creative self. He believes that the more you experiment, the better you become, and the more complex tasks you are able to perform
This is how he began using salt to bring his ideas to life and create art. The salt he uses is just like the salt you have in your kitchen right now. The only difference is that he has the vision needed to turn a common household item into something spectacular.
According to Dino, one of the biggest challenges in art is often finding a way to make the most out of every medium available. Salt is the medium he is now using in his artistic feat and is determined to explore all the opportunities provided by this medium.
We say he is doing a great job so far. His creations are definitely one-of-a-kind and extremely pleasant to look at. But for him, this is just the beginning.
Make sure to follow his work in the future, as he will continue to improve his skills and abilities in this field.











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