Sad goat was so depressed he didn’t eat anything for six days but then his best friend comes along

Everything seem better and easier when you have good friends by your side. Difficult times can be overcome easier and happy times are that more enjoyable when you have someone to share them with. As it turns out, that’s true for both animals and humans.
Animal rescuers removed a goat named Mr. G (guessing it is short for Goat) from a person who was hording animals somewhere in California. The animals were mistreated, so there was no other option than to take all the animals out of the home. A burro named Jellybean was also living in that home and was rescued as well.
The two animals have been living in the house together for several years and have become best friends. The problem was that the rescuers didn’t know that, so the animals ended up in different rescue centers. However, Mr. G started feeling depressed and wasn’t eating. He was missing his friend and his presence.
The rescuers finally figured what was the problem and they made sure the two will never have to spend another day apart from each other. Talking about friendship goals, right?
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