Runaway Dog Used for Backyard Breeding Now Mama to Foster Pups

When Lily, the Pit Bull, was discovered, she was in a dire state due to years of neglect. Her weight was alarmingly 20-30 pounds below what it should have been, and it was apparent that she had escaped from an environment where she had been exploited for breeding purposes. Despite her grim past, Sheridan and her husband opened their hearts and home to provide Lily with the care she deserved.

In the warmth of her new abode, Lily revealed her incredibly nurturing personality. Her demeanor was akin to a big, comforting teddy bear, providing comfort and affection to everyone she encountered. Remarkably, she also became a surrogate mother to the other foster dogs that came into the home. Whenever a puppy would arrive, Lily would instantly become their guardian, offering cuddles and an extra dose of love.

Sadly, Sheridan disclosed that Lily is a hospice foster, implying that her time with them is limited due to health issues. However, they vowed to shower her with love, care, and joy during the remaining time she has. Both Sheridan and her husband committed to making every single day of Lily’s life as splendid as possible, ensuring that her final chapter is filled with love and happiness.

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