Rude woman calls bag boy ‘retard,’ cashier’s response leaves her jaw on the floor

Considering how busy all of us are nowadays, it understandably that we want to be able to take care of doing our groceries as fast as possible. But no matter how busy you are or if you’re in a hurry, that shouldn’t serve as an excuse to treat others poorly. Especially if that someone is a person who has a disability.
Now, if you’re a decent person, then you probably agree with everything you’ve read so far. And most likely you would never mistreat someone who has a condition just because he or she is holding up the line.
But would you speak up and say anything if you saw someone else displaying this type of outrageous behavior.
The producers from TV show “What Would You Do?” wanted to find out how people like you and me would react if they witnessed a customer verbally abusing an employee with Down Syndrome for moving too slow and not doing his job as fast as he should.
Curious to find out what were the results and how people reacted? Well, then make sure to watch the video below. You won’t believe how some people reacted!

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