Rude Parents Harass Son’s Plus-Sized Girlfriend And Make Her Cry, Until Strangers Take Swift Action

Introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents can be a pretty nerve-wrecking moment, but it’s an important step in every serious relationship.
You obviously want your mom and dad to approve and get along with the person you’ve decided to share your life.
And one of the worst things that could happen when introducing your significant other to your parents is for them to begin insulting your partner or make inappropriate comments aimed at him/her.
It’s a delicate, extremely personal subject, but what would you do if you were to witness such a situation? The producers from the popular TV show “What Would You Do” set up to get the answer to this question.
With the help of some skilled actors, they were able to capture their reaction to seeing a slender young man introducing his plus-size girlfriend to his parents for the first time who almost immediately started insulting the young woman simply because of her weight.
With appearance being such an important aspect of our lives nowadays, this is definitely an interesting experiment to see. What’s more, the producers of the show also managed to get supermodel Ashley Graham on board for this episode. Take a look:

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