Rubbing alcohol does more than disinfect. Here’s 7 nifty uses for rubbing alcohol in daily life

If I were to guess, I would say most of you reading this probably have a bottle of rubbing alcohol just taking up space somewhere in your bathroom. Rubbing alcohol is one of those things you buy thinking you might need it someday, but then you never end up using it.
Well, no more of that! It’s time to put that bottle of rubbing alcohol to good use. You’ll be surprised to find out it does more than just disinfect and that there are many other different ways to use it around the house to save both time and money.
For instance, rubbing alcohol can successfully be use to prevent swimmer’s ear. For those of you who don’t already know this, swimmer’s ear happens when water gets trapped deep in the ear canal. People who swim professionally often have this problem that can get extremely annoying and even painful. What’s more, it can actually cause infection.
You can prevent all this by using rubbing alcohol because alcohol evaporates easier than water. So when it mixes with the existing water in your ear, it will evaporate faster and also keep your ear dry.
That’s just one nifty use for rubbing alcohol. Discover 5 more by watching the video below.

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