Rich People Problems You’ll Never Understand

‘Should we have caviar for dinner or ask our chef to make us something from the molecular cuisine?’ Clearly, I have no idea what exactly rich people eat, but wouldn’t it be nice having to make these kinds of decisions every evening around dinner time?

The truth is that rich people and people who don’t have a whole lot of money in their bank accounts have different problems. For instance, regular people don’t have to decide in which one of their vacation homes to spend their upcoming vacation at. Or whether to take the Porsche or the Lamborghini to that fancy dinner.
Or risk crashing your Bugatti Veyron because you got distracted by you girlfriend who just happens to be a supermodel. Or worry that you might sink your fancy yacht the next time you go sailing in the Caribbean. (Man, I wish I was rich.)

It might seem glamorous and all, but being wealthy presents a whole lot of issues that many of us would have never even considerate. The images below show a few interesting examples of the kind of challenges only rich people encounter on a regular basis. After all, more money means more problems, right?


In all fairness, these are all problems most of us would only hope to encounter. Compared to the day-to-day problems most of us have to face, these problems might seem totally outlandish to you. Leaving that aside, at least it’s nice to know rich people have problems too.
What kind of problems are we talking about here? Well, here are some examples that pretty much speak for themselves.



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