Retirement Home’s Silly Parody of “Shake It Off” Is Leaving the Internet in Stitches

Since Taylor Swift’s video for “Shake it Off” came out a couple of years back, there have been many attempts to recreate the clip, but this version of it is by far my favorite. How come? Well, for starters, it’s totally unexpected, as these types of videos are usually done by young Taylor Swift fans.
Secondly, it’s beautifully shot and the outfits are totally on point. But my favorite part of the video has to be the performance of the men and women in it. They might be in their 80’s, but these amazing elderlies still have a huge appetite for life. Their joy and energy are infectious and will make you think about your own retirement years from a different perspective.
They clearly had the time of their lives shooting this video and you will have loads of fun watching it as well. With an average of 82 and a combined of more than 4,000 years, these amazing men and women proved that you’re never too old to Shake It Off and do the things that bring you joy.
No less than fifty residents, staff and grandchildren from Julia Wallace Retirement Village spent a week making this special clip, so make sure to share it with everyone you know.

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