Rescuer saves cow from auction, doesn’t expect her to fall in love with every dog she meets

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of unlikely animal friendships via video, but this one takes things one to a whole new level.
Everybody, meet Wesley and Chance! The cow and pit bull were both rescued from bad situations, and the two hit it off as soon as they met at the rescue center in Ohio. There are over a hundred animals living here, but Wesley and Chance share a special connection.
Maybe it’s because they also share some similar experience, both coming from an abusive past where they suffered from abandonment and neglect. But luckily, they were both fortunate to be rescued and given a chance at a better life.
They found great comfort in each other, and they are now best buds. Despite their size difference, the two love to hang out together, chase one another at the farm, and even cuddle against each other from time to time. They are finally able to enjoy a free life that is filled with love and friends.
All animals deserve to live this way! You can take a look at their friendship in action by checking out the video below.

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