Rescue ducks have never seen water. Now watch them take their very first swim

Imagine if someone took away your right to walk freely and move around for no reason. That wouldn’t be fair, right?
It would be impossible to live that way. Well, some animals are often denied their freedom, and have to live most if their lives in terrible conditions that us humans can’t even come to imagine.
The group of ducks in the video below were among those animals. Fortunately, they were rescued by the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, New York. The kindhearted men and women who saved them took them to a pond where they could experience swimming in water for the first time ever.
At first, the ducks looked pretty scared and decided to stick together, but once the volunteers managed to get a few of them in the water, it all changed. The ducks realized how nice the water feels and that they were born to swim. Their instincts kicked in, and they were able to have a lot of fun swimming for the first time ever.
These ducks were lucky to be found and rescued in time, so they are now able to live a good life. But other animals are not as fortunate. So make sure to share this video and help raise awareness!

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