Reading Nooks Perfect For When You Need To Escape This World

Some people like to read anywhere. On the subway, on the plane, in bed, in the tub, some even like to read on the toilet. Forget I just said that, and let us move on. Sure, you can read anywhere. You don’t need much to do so. In fact you don’t actually need anything but some decent light, a book or some electronic device with books stored on them. However, if you ask me, the best way to enjoy a good book and some time to yourself is in a cozy reading nook.


Just picture it. It’s you, your favorite book, a comfortable chair, a warm blanket for your feet, and maybe a cup of tea or hot chocolate to keep you company. Whether you like to read outside, or you’re more of an indoor bookworm, you need a place that is comfortable an inviting. A place where you can escape this world and all its worries and just unwind while you are exploring new worlds, meeting interesting characters and just let your creativity run free.


Everybody reading this right now is probably starting to picture how would the perfect reading spot look to them. Some might imagine a soft blanket under a big tree somewhere, others might picture themselves near a fireplace or next to a window with a great view.

No matter how you envision your perfect reading nook, chances are you can find inspiration and make it better by looking at the pictures below. All these places look so inviting and cozy that you might have a hard time picking a favorite.







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