Raccoon knocks on woman’s door every day, asks for food for her family

It’s hard being a single mom! Rocsy the raccoon was struggling to find enough food to feed all of her babies, so she decided to look for help in an unexpected place. The raccoon started knocking on people’s doors to ask for food, instead of stealing like we know most raccoons typically do.
And one day, mom finally got an answer. One woman was deeply touched seeing how determined the raccoon was to get food, so she decided to help her out. The woman got her some food, and the raccoon left soon after.
But it wasn’t long until she was back for more, and the woman refilled the bowl with food. Slowly, it become somewhat of a habit. Now, Rocsy knocks on the woman’s door pretty much every day using a small rock.
There’s no way of knowing how and when did the wild animal managed to learn this skill, but you have to admit it’s pretty impressive. The only thing that’s more stirring is why the raccoon comes back for food every day: to make sure her babies don’t go a single day without eating.
Watch the video below to see Rocsy in action:

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