Principal Takes Center Stage with Step Team, School Underestimates Her Skill Until Music Starts

They say that the best school principals are the ones who really take the time to understand the students and get involved in the activities they love to do. And if that’s true, then the principal in the video below deserves the title for “Principal of the Year.”
The woman not only makes sure to stay abreast to everything that might interest her students but she actually dedicates part of her own free time and energy to getting personally involved in their activities. And this is she is so loved by the students going to her school.
The clip below shows the woman principal taking part in a dance routine put together by the school’s step team, and it’s something that will most likely take you by surprise. The woman shocked everyone in the audience with her killer skills as a dancer, and the crowd just went wild when she started performing.
You see, the principal had just stepped in to replace the school’s former principal who had got transferred to another school, and she really wanted to show her students that she is there for them. Well, she definitely managed to stand out with this outside-the-box idea! Take a look:

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