Principal Lets Strangers Stay In The Gym For The Night, School Is Unrecognizable The Next Day

John F. Miller School in Las Vegas is a special school where students whose age range from three all the way to 22 come to learn and spend time together. You see, these students have special needs and all of them are disabled to some degree.
And because many of them use a wheelchair to get around, they need about 13 full-time nurses just so they can get on with their normal activities. Even so, the school doesn’t benefit from a budget that would allow it to cover all the expenses needed.
It’s something the school’s principal is well aware of. Even so, she wanted to make sure that graduation day will be a special event for all of her students; a joyful day they will always remember.
Finding out about all of this, the Fox5 Surprise Squad stepped in to help make this dream a reality. By getting the school’s principal involved, they managed to put together a huge surprise for all the students who were coming in the next day for the big celebration. And they did it all basically overnight.
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