Police use robotic bomb to stop ‘anti-cop’ sniper who shot 12

An aggregate of 12 cops and 2 regular citizens were shot by at any rate expert marksman in Dallas, Texas, 5 officers were slaughtered. What began as a tranquil challenge turned into a planned trap that finished with three suspects in guardianship and one dead. “We had a trade of gunfire with the suspect. We saw no other choice however to utilize our bomb robot,” said Dallas Police Chief David Brown in a question and answer session as per Reuters.

The challenge came in the wake of a few police shootings against African Americans. Boss Brown kept on saying “The suspect said he was vexed in regards to Black Lives Matter. He said he was disturbed in regards to the late police shootings. The suspect said he was annoyed with white individuals. The suspect expressed that he needed to slaughter white individuals, particularly white officers.”

While in a standoff, the suspect demanded that he was working alone, however police accept there were numerous shooters on the scene.

The video beneath demonstrates the police meeting with the press minutes before the robot was sent in.

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