Pianist Plays Song in Department Store, Notices Familiar Woman and Immediately Jumps to His Feet

Music is a language that anyone can understand, no matter their background, social status or nationality. You don’t have to be a fine music connoisseur to recognize true talent when you see it. So when Melbourne musician Natalie Trayling walked into ‘David Jones’ Melbourne and sat down to play the piano, everybody inside the store stopped to listen.
The woman found out there was a piano inside the store, so she decided to go in for a festive session. Now, you may remember Natalie from another video that went viral not long ago. The clip showed Natalie performing an original composition on a street piano, and was an instant hit.
The elderly woman is not only an incredibly skilled pianist but also one of the best composers in the world. Believe it or not, both of the two pieces Natalie plays in the clip you are just about to watch are both ‘spontaneous.’
In other words, she is composing as she plays, which is downright incredible. It’s a pity for talent such as this not be recognized, so please take a moment to share this impromptu performance with all of your friends and family online. This is breathtaking!

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