People Snicker at Red Haired Woman, Regret It When She Brings House Down with Queen Classic

When the young woman in the video below walked on the Ukrainian “X Factor” stage to perform, the first thing people noticed about her was her bright red hair and her interesting choice of clothes. Her look was definitely something unexpected and nobody knew how exactly to react to it.
Some obviously expected her performance not to be so great or for her to approach a musical style that only a small percentage of the audience would appreciate. But the young woman surprised everyone once again when she started belting out a rendition of Queen’s classic “Show Must Go On.”
The woman blew everyone’s minds with her powerful voice and her incredible stage personality. By the end of her performance, it was obvious for all members of the jury that she deserves a place in the competition. The audience enjoyed her singing as well, as you can tell from their reactions captured by the cameras that moved around the room.
By now, you’ve most likely heard countless versions of this song, but this is one that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. And if you have any friends who are big Queen fans, you’ll want to share this with them.

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