In most cases, welcoming a baby into the family is a joyful event and quite possibly one of the happiest days in the life of parents.
However, sometimes, the parents decide not to keep the baby, in which case, they can either put them up for adoption or leave the baby at the nearest fire station or hospital within a 72-hour time frame.
The parents of the baby in the video below, though, choose to do neither. Instead, they did something inexcusable. They put their innocent newborn baby inside a backpack and left the poor little girl out in the sun to suffocate outside an Arizona grocery store.
Luckily, a shopper found the backpack and actually looked inside. Then is when the shopper alerted the authorities. During the 911 call, the person who made the horrific discovery was asked if the little girl is hurt or injured.
The caller responded by only saying, “She’s beautiful.” Since the call was placed, the Tempe Police Department posted a picture of the baby on their Facebook page along with a photo of the backpack in which she was found.
The baby girl is now out of any danger, but police are looking for her parents to bring them in for questioning.