Parents Are Competing To See How Many Cheerios They Can Stack On Their Baby’s Head

It’s not easy being the parent to a small child. They poop all the time, they only sleep when you’re awake, they are all squeamish and have all these soft spots in their head that make you feel like they are the most fragile creatures in the entire Universe.
As a parent, it’s you responsibly to make sure nothing bad happens to them. Sure, as a parent you are more than happy to take care of your children because you love them to pieces. Still, that doesn’t make being a parent any easier or any less stressful. In fact, it’s a lot of pressure you feel as a parent. People expect you to be perfect, and that’s nerve-racking.
All parents have their own ways to unwind and take some of the edge off. Some enjoy an occasional glass of wine; these parents are getting their children involve and compete to see how many cheerios they can stack on their baby’s head. Before you start to judge and call them bad parents, know that it’s just harmless fun. The babies are still way too young to understand what’s going on, and parents have the chance to unwind and share baby pictures without being annoying.
The fathers that follow Life of Dad on Facebook were the ones who are keeping this competition alive by posting pictures of their sleeping babies who have massive stacks of cheerios on their little, adorable heads. It all started with only 5 cheerios, but the piles are now getting higher and higher.
One dad managed to stack sixteen cheerios on his baby. Now, if that’s not having impressive parenting skills, than I don’t know what is. Is it wrong that I want a baby just so I can enter this competition? Don’t answer that.









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