Panicked mama goose grabs cop’s attention, leads her to baby tangled in balloon string

Police officers are meant to serve and protect, and that not only includes humans but our animal friends as well. What’s surprising, though, is that some animals seem to be aware of this, or at least that’s what the video below seem to indicate.
A mother goose in Ohio personally benefited from this when she sought out the help of police officers when her gooselings got tangled in a balloon string. The situation was pretty serious and the baby’s life was in real danger. There was no time to waste.
Just like any mother would do, the mother goose desperately sought for help to free her baby. A police officer saw that mom goose needed some assistance, and decided to step in and lend a helping hand. The man called the SPCA Wildlife first, but unfortunately, they had no personnel available who could assist.
But he didn’t give up. The police officer made a call over the radio and a fellow officer arrived at the scene, carefully approached the mother goose and helped untangle the baby from the rope. The entire moment was caught on video, and the Internet is loving it! This will definitely brighten up your day!

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