Owners Alarmed by Mama’s Behavior, Take 1 Look at Newborn & Make Discovery They’ll Never Forget

Every birth is a miracle. So when Jenni Benson and her husband Guy found out that their horse named Daisy was pregnant and that they will all be welcoming an adorable little foal to the farm, they were beyond ecstatic.
Daisy’s pregnancy was closely monitored and was developing well, but when the horse was 7 days overdue, Jenni and Guy began to get anxious and quite worried about why the foul wasn’t making his way into the world yet.
Their worries began to grow even more when they saw Daisy was starting to act strange. Alarmed by the horse’s behavior, the owners began spending more and more time with her. And then, the big day finally came. The birth wasn’t an easy one, but with her owners cheering for her every step of the way, Daisy delivered not one but two gorgeous fouls.
This is an extremely rare occurrence, as horses typically don’t give birth to more than one foul at once. Check out the video below to see sweet Daisy deliver her twin foals and become a proud mother.
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