Owner Thinks ‘Ingenious’ Plan Will Stop Cat from Waking Him

Ever heard that theory about how all cats are actually undercover spies, and their mission is to slowly take over the world? Well, I’m not sure the theory is true, considering how lazy most cats are.
However, there is no denying that cats are the sneakiest pets ever. They are deceitful, unscrupulous and will go to extreme lengths to ensure their best interest is met. There is no other pet who can even come close to matching their performance on this department.
Do you think that’s too harsh? Well, then make sure to take a look at the video below. In it, a sneaky, sneaky cat named Mulder showcases her mischievous intelligence by proving to her owner that a closed door is no match for her powers of wit.
It only took the feline a few seconds to come up with an ingenious escape plan that will leave you open mouthed. What this owner failed to understand that you can’t win with cats.
They always have the upper hand and are one step ahead of you. Hey, it’s part of the reason we love them some much. And why we sometimes wish we wouldn’t.
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