Now THIS is a great commercial

Not all commercials are created equally. While some are really dull and lack any type of creativity whatsoever, there are also fun or inspiring commercials that do more than just advertise a product or service.
The commercial you are just about to see definitely belongs to the latter category. The clip asks one seemingly simple question: What do people live for? Is it to make money, raise a family, and make friends? Well, it’s definitely important to try and achieve as many things in life as possible, but life is so unpredictable that it is impossible to make plans, especially pass a certain age.
So maybe the only goal we should be determined to reach is to be happy and live life to the fullest no matter what challenges and obstacle may come our way. That’s the true key to being happy at any age. This is the main message the producers of the video wanted to get across to their audience.
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